New member, feeling lonely so hoping this forum will help :)

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Hi all,

I am a new member, I am 28 and have had RA since my late teens. I changed jobs and moved to a new area in March - about two weeks before lockdown started, which has made it very difficult to make new friends, or even get to know my new colleagues. I moved with my boyfriend so I am not alone, but it has been quite tough just being the two of us for the last 100 days (who's counting?!). We live in Wales and so cannot yet visit family or friends.

My RA has been really bad for the last few months, particularly in my hands and wrists, and so the combination of loneliness and pain has started to get me down. I finally got to see my new rheumatologist last week who is going to prescribe a new treatment, which I really hope helps. I am worried though as my current meds make no difference to my pain.

I just wanted to say hi to you all, and I look forward to exploring more of this forum ☺️


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    Hi @HollyP92

    Thanks for choosing to join the online community, I'm sure you will find friends here to help you feel less alone, and you can say just exactly how you are feeling on here, knowing we will understand and not hope you will put a brave face on it so use us and allow us to talk to you in the same way.

    Here's our leaflet on RA which might have a little extra knowledge for you

    If you ring your rheumy team they will be able to say what you can take as well as your meds, like perhaps paracetamol but do check with them first.

    Keep posting on here, the cafe is a good place to post - you will always be welcome there, Living with Arthritis is a good place to post and look for help in any particular area


    Yvonne x

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    Hi Holly

    Sorry to hear that you are not coping with RA. Always difficult in the beginning but once you learn to manage your illness with your medication life comes a little bit easier. I have had RA for over 40 years and speaking to others with this condition helps and please know that you are not alone. Stay positive as much as possible.


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    Hi Holly, sorry to hear you're having a hard time at the mo. Coming to terms with a new diagnosis and moving to a new area are both difficult challenges, but having to deal with both, even worse, during a lockdown, is particularly tough. I hope your appointment with the consultant went well and that the treatment is starting to work. I find being stressed can make my symptoms feel worse, so try to cosset yourself and relax, and find enjoyable things you can do to take your mind of it. it all helps.

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    Hello, you have had a lot on your plate, haven't you? I am at the opposite end of life so my hard yards of youth are long past - and I can't say I miss them. I have never found any of my specific arthritis meds any use whatsoever at easing pain and suspect I never will, even when I only had psoriatic arthritis (PsA). I now have osteo too and of course the meds for the PsA don't touch that. I was born with auto-immune inflammatory stuff so the arrival of PsA was not the shock it must be for others, I shared that when the OA was diagnosed.

    I have been shielding since 05 March apart from a trip to the docs on 01 April for a blood test. I am doing that again on the 17th, I don't think I will be counting sleeps until then. How are you getting on now? Have you been looking round the forum? It's obviously not the cheeriest of places but the people are nice. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi HollyP92

    Hope that you are coping today with your RA and that new meds are kicking in. Pain never seem to go away. I kept a diary for a number of years and made daily notes to see where the pain struck the most. What I ate, what could have caused the pain ..... for instance over- doing it, stress and perhaps not enough rest. Each day will be different but by writing it down you can see what is a bad day and what is a good day. Try and join a support group if possible as speaking to other sufferers helps tremendously. Sometimes family and friends can't understand what one is going through. Hope that you are settling in Wales,

    Take care