Feeling fed up due to covid -19 situation


Hi All

Just had another telephone consultation with Orthopaedics, to be told yet again ,not doing any elective surgery’s until there are no more covid cases in my local hospital .feeling frustrated and very down about everything at moment ,I know it’s not consultant fault but I feel my life is on hold not been able to work for 10 months lost my job in March .

I just feel like it’s never going to happen my knee replacement and I’ve got no one to talk to about how I’m feeling .

My partner doesn’t understand ,family ie my mum aren’t very sympathetic.

Ive put off looking for work as my job was being a care worker and I’m unable to walk very far or walk up down steps and have severe knee pain and stiffness in both knees diagnosed with left knee oesteoarthiritis 9 months ago as well as a meniscal tear .

my right knee is bone on bone bones are scraping together .

Im just feeling very anxious and depressed about whole situation I’m sure my partner is fed up of hearing me moaning about the pain .

I just needed to vent to someone So sorry about the rant .


  • AlanM
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    Hi @Jules70

    it sounds like you're going through a particularly tough time just now and I'm so sorry to hear that you feel that you're going through it alone. It can be difficult for others to understand the impact of pain and fatigue but that doesn't help when what you need most is a sympathetic ear and, of course, respite from the pain.

    The impact of surgery cancellation during the pandemic is being felt across the UK. However, the NHS is beginning to plan to restart across a number of non-COVID priorities and Versus Arthritis is focused on ensuring that management of chronic pain and access to joint replacement surgery are part of those priorities. As such, we will be launching a campaign later this month to this end. Please watch out for it on our website and, if you can, add your support.

    But this is unlikely to impact on your own circumstances any time soon. So, sharing your feelings is really important. There will be many on this forum who know what you're going through and I hope they can pick up the conversation. Also, our Helpline is there if you want to talk to someone about managing pain, dealing with surgery delays and safeguarding your own mental health. Our Helpline staff are available Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm on 0800 5200 520.

    I hope the days ahead have some respite and that, eventually, things resolve that way you want them to.

    Good luck and take care.


  • frogmorton
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    Hi Jules

    You poor thing 😕

    I'm not surprised you feel so upset I think most people would be and those who are in a similar situation will definitely be too. It's a shame because other hospitals are starting to do elective surgeries again.

    I hope venting helped a little even if we can't get your operation scheduled. I'm glad to read Alan's response that Versus Arthritis are campaigning for getting Arthritis prioritised.

    Do come in and have a moan to us lot any time. Also ring the helpline if you need to I have and they just had to sit and wait until i stopped bawling. I felt sooooo much better afterwards.


    ADRIAN Member Posts: 17

    AGE 56 2nd degenrative changes due works accident 20+ yrs ago arthrittiss setting in lwr spine back . AS you say trying to get GP appointment / refural to see speachialist to up date my medical report support re claim for PIP mobilty difficult ATM . Because i have limited walking range 20-50 meteres standing for more 1-2 minuites up right . ITS hard ATM most places you go its join QUE supermarket OK lean against trolley other ques i dont bother / take small fold up chair sit down stay safe all we can do atm .

  • Lilymary
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    That sounds really hard Adrian. What a lot you’re having to deal with, the lockdown has been so awful for people who already had a lot on their plate.

    Have good moan on here Jules, we all know what it’s like to be in pain every day. Just because we’re not wincing or moaning doesn’t mean it’s stopped hurting.

  • Airwave!
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    RULE No.1, we don’t have to apologise on here. We are joined by a common theme, pain.

    its a grin, honest.!