I struggle with everything


Hi, I am new to this website so a little nervous I am looking for advice and support, I dont know where to start so I will begin by saying hello to everyone, (hello).

I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, I have this in my big toes, both hands, my knees, my spine. I have had a spinal fusion L4 L5 I had trapezectomy of my left hand, I also suffered a fracture of my T7 which was cemented.

I continue to work full time though I am absolutely exhausted with pain and full time work. I am at a stage where I can barely move in the morning so getting to work is tiring before I start, I wake through the night with pain.

I am also struggling with getting upstairs as my right hip and right knee are letting me down now. I take 8 cocodamol a day, amitriptyline at night (only just started this) I am on HRT, and sertraline, I struggle with everything now, can anyone offer advice please.


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    Hi @Dibbles

    A very warm welcome to the online community - we are delighted to have you with us!

    You have osteoarthritis and are experiencing some difficulty managing pain and work and not being able to sleep is compounding things. You've also mentioned having some problems getting upstairs at home.

    You're in the right place amongst like-minded people who will I'm sure have lots of guidance, support and information to give you and that will hopefully help you feel a bit more supported.

    We also have some information online that might help as a starting point:

    We look forward to seeing you back again to let us know how you are getting on.

    Best Wishes


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    Hello, I row a different arthritis boat to you, I have psoriatic arthritis in my toes, both knees, fingers and both elbows plus OA in both ankles, both knees, both hips, both wrists and one shoulder. I began my first arthritis when I was 37 and am now 61.

    I do stairs like a toddler (one foot joining the other before leading off agan) following the mantra 'Good leg to heaven' when going up and 'Bad leg to hell' when coming down. On my bad days I would come down backwards resting my hands on the stairs above me, I felt more secure that way. When the stairs became too much we moved to a house where I can live on the ground floor but, in my defence, the stairs were steep and narrow (Victorian 3 storey). I have changed the way I do things and replaced household kit with lighter or cordless stuff. Work was easy because I was self-employed and worked from home but was finally finished off by a double carpal tunnel op. I retired in my early 50s.

    I have used walking aids since 2002 simply because they help me do more and go further. I exercise daily but not in a gym bunny way and frequently do my physio exercises which I have been given over the years. I keep my pain relief to a minimum because that leaves me room to maneouvre when things are aggravated and was recently prescribed amytryptaline to help me sleep but I choose not to take it as the better I sleep the worse my joints are first thing because I no longer move naturally in my sleep. I practise my arthritis ABC - adapt, believe, compromise. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben