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Osteoarthritis in the foot and ankle and I don’t like medication

What ointments can I use to help with my foot pain? I don’t take medicine as it upsets my stomach and makes me weak and poorly.


  • ajollyajolly Posts: 61 mod

    Hi @Alybob727, welcome to the forum!

    I’m sorry to hear you have been suffering from pain in your foot and ankle. I have provided a link with some information from our website specifically on osteoarthritis of the foot and ankle. The page includes non-medicine treatments options which you may be interested in. They include exercises and using heat to help with pain relief.


    Regarding ointments, I have found some information on our website about capsaicin cream which you might like to read. Perhaps our members will also be able to share ointments they’ve found helpful.

    I hope this is of some help for you. Unfortunately, many people find topical ointments alone are not sufficient for pain management. I suggest speaking to your GP about treatment options.

    Best wishes,


  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 26,019 ✭✭✭

    Hi @Alybob727

    I have used anti-inflamatory gels like ibuprofen and one voltarol I think🤔 I got mine from the pharmacist on his advice.

    Maybe you could see yours and see what she/he advises.

    Take care


    Toni xxx
  • Hi ajolly I will look into that thank you.
    Hello frog Morton I had been using Voltarol and. Ibuprofen gel For some time now but as the pain as got worse it no longer works on me. I still use it because something is better then nothing I feel..
    thank you Alice I will be talking to my doctor when I’ve seen the Orthopaedic doctor about my options.
  • JoeBJoeB Posts: 83

    I sympathise - one third of all joints in the body are located within the foot and these are subject to the greatest stress.

    As has been suggested Ibuprofen gel is easily available and perhaps a good point from which to start. I have seen it for sale in our local pound store so that is the first place I look for supplies.

    Some people (including me) have found magnetic insoles useful. Available for little cost on eBay.


  • frogmortonfrogmorton Posts: 26,019 ✭✭✭

    Have you tried heat? Like a warm wheatbag that you put in the microwave? Just a thought🤔


    Toni xxx
  • MarzMacMarzMac Posts: 51

    Have any of you tried the capsaicin topical cream (as suggested above by @ajolly)?

    Results from randomised controlled trials assessing its role in treating osteoarthritis suggest that it can be effective in reducing pain and tenderness in affected joints, and it has no major safety problems.

    Take care


  • Hi All.

    I have been feeling very low lately so very sorry for not replying to your message. I've now decided to give up work because I haven't been coping with the pain for some time. My mental state as declined and I just don't no how to cope. The pain as lessened since stopping work but I'm feeling it much more if that makes sense? As before, I worked 12 hour shifts and was on my feet all day. The pain was constantly there and would burn with pain and that's all I would feel from foot to knee 24/7 Now I dont go anywhere and I do very little So every movement I make is sharpe.

    Im waiting to see a podiatrist but because of the virus they can't see me yet.

    I no i struggle taking any form of medication and I don't no if that's because I'm gluten intolerant and I have a sensitive stomach. But I bit the bullet and the doctor gave me a prescription for codeine & paracetamol but they really upset my stomach and made me fell fatigue for 6 days after I stopped taking them so that's a no no.. I've been using gels even though there not working. I've now come to the discussion of tryin the CBD oil. I hear it will help with the pain and my depression so a double whammy. What are your thoughts on that?

  • So sorry you're feeling rotten. Now that you've stopped working, the pain will dominate with no distraction & no activity so muscles stiffen up. Twelve hour shifts on your feet, flip! But you've gone from one extreme to the other. Emotionally too. As well as trying to find interest in your days (Shirley Contain wisely said that the lower the mood, the more we need to just open the front door & GO - it works), you & Dr will likely be experimenting to find what pain relief suits you best, for everyone's different. I went round the Wrekin & settled on codeine as the best compromise, also Naproxen was a best friend until I had to reduce for respiratory reasons. And compromise it's likely to be. Re- CBD oil, my Dr said go ahead if I wanted, but then I saw a documentary on TV which concluded that what can be bought on the High street is not strong enough to do much at all, so I didn't bother. You might be lucky, though, if you can afford the cost. Best wishes.
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