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It has taken me 9 months, working about 10 minutes at a time due to my damn OA, but I have just completed my N Gauge model train layout. The layout is scratch built apart from the buildings which are from kits and it is loosely based on Marazion station which closed down in 1963. As a general idea of size the figures are less than half an inch tall (for those who are au fait with the new-fangled measurements they are 0.45 cm tall) and if you think that is small you should try finding the seagulls, swans, ducks, rabbits, foxes and badgers that are there somewhere!. Most of the buildings have lights inside which makes the layout look good at night. The whole thing measures about 4ft x 3ft and has a perspex cover over the top to prevent my cat from getting on there and playing with the layout herself.

Next project a Battle of Britain airfield diorama, pictures to follow next year sometime!


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    @Mike1 that is amazing what an achievement 🙂

    I still work in 'old money' as my Mum used to say so half an inch will do me!

    I was able to 'zoom' right in and see quite a bit - people etc, but not the little ducks sadly. The detail. I could actually imagine myself there! Wonderful very very well done!

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    Just for you I have zoomed in on another photo of the pond area, which is to the left had corner of the layout (not in original photo) to show the swans and ducks, painted with a very small brush and magnifying glasses over the top of my ordinary specs.

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    Awwwww! @Mike1 they are so tiny!!!!! Especially the babies! Amazing detail you should be very proud of yourself 👍️🙂

    Thank you for posting this extra photo!

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    That's fab Mike. Well done!

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    Brilliant 👍

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