"Super" Saturday

Well it has started, our local website (Cornwall Live) has reported that the roads are full of caravans and cars coming this way, the one and only Service Station car park in Cornwall was full last night, there have been several crashes on the roads. As one local put it "Here comes the canned virus!" There is absolutely nothing "super" about it and just reinforces the decision to stay at home, the second wave will undoubtedly hit by the end of the month and I am scared that it will be worse this time round down here.


  • Mike1
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    Look at the state of this:

    Tinned virus indeed!

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    Oh dear 😥 what is wrong with people? Stay put as much as you can and stay safe is my motto. 👍
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    We live in the Lake Districi, so I share your pain. Our very good local has wisely decided not to open today, they are doing a phased opening later in the week. There’s no way I’m venturing out to the “honeypot” areas till ppl have calmed down. Sadly the traffic and huge volume of tourists is the reason we don’t go down to Cornwall, it’s warmer, but more crowded than staying at home 🙁
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    We are on the edge of the Peak District and all that I’ve noticed different to the norm is a veritable plethora of cyclists and joggers along with terrible car parking. Unbroken white lines don’t appear to count anymore and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a top of the range SUV actually parked on a traffic island.

    But ever the optimist, I expect some of the cyclists and joggers to see the sense of regular exercise, and when the seemingly invisible police start to take an interest, the illegal parkers will be ticketed and towed. I’m off on my dog walk shortly, so won’t notice any pub activity, but having said that many have been closing their doors permanently for a few years now.

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    Looking at the press/tv yesterday relating to Super Saturday there will be a second wave as people not properly social distancing in pubs and people in their masses descending to popular tourist attractions, causing road gridlocks, accidents, etc.

    Now the lockdown has been eased the risk of a second spike of the virus is real but some people don't seem to realise that and act as they did pre lockdown.

    I am shielding and am dreading going out into the outside world but I will be extra careful and adhere strictly to social distancing when that does happen.

    Stay safe everyone.🐶

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    Apparently 80,000 people - campers, caravans and camper vans - made their way into Devon and Cornwall over the weekend! I wonder how many were feeling "under the weather" but decided to risk it. I fully understand people's desire to get a change of scenery after being "locked down" for so long but they must consider the current pandemic situation and the risk of spreading the virus, especially seeing the scenes of those failing to social distance after the pubs have opened. The National Trust own land at Cape Cornwall and erected signs on Friday stating "no overnight stays", surprise, surprise on Saturday morning there were 3 camper vans that had got into the site and parked up overnight.

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    Don't forget those who are asymptomatic. They don't even know if they are ill!

    Safety first just must protect ourselves and keep up out own precautions.

    Take care everyone

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    The unsurprising news is three pubs, spread across England, have had to shut up shop again due to customers testing positive for covid. There is undoubtedly a very fine line to be trodden in trying to restart the economy whilst keeping the masses happy but meeting the challenge of social distancing after five pints will be too much for many to grasp.

    Their testing has raised some queries in my mind, the first being why were the customers tested, and where. Whilst at the pub, in the car park? As there are still cases of people who need tests not being able to have them yet again the dodgy priorities of our society come to the fore. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    This is exactly what we do not need and what we feared by "opening up" again. All of the shops in this street are "non-essentials" i.e. souvenirs, high priced clothes etc; not somewhere a local would shop unless buying a pressie. It is obvious, therefore, that they are holiday makers and holiday makers that cannot read at that! Not to mention not a mask in sight.

    This just reinforces the fact that if one does not want to catch the virus and risk death there is no option but to stay at home and continue struggling to get shopping deliveries, not seeing anyone for days, rising anxiety and deepening depression. Oh, what a joy to be alive! My cat is my only saviour.

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    I don't know about herd immunity but I think there's definitely a 'herd mentality' ie if people see others doing things then they assume it's OK. There are plenty who never listen to a Covid broadcast or read a newspaper and get all their information from friends via Facebook and the like. I can see no way that police can police all these gatherings and I pity them for having to walk into the danger.

    I do, however, recognise a very difficult situation. I live in a tourist area too but in Scotland so we are currently virtually Covid-free. But Scotland, like Cornwall, relies on tourism. It's a very difficult problem to resolve and, frankly, I don't have a solution.  

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    I went out on Monday Morning with the intention of having my hair cut and picking up several things that we had run out of. The former was abandoned as my barbers had something resembling a good chip shop queue outside it. Driving through a busy suburban shopping street I noted many folk wandering about aimlessly, some wearing masks but not carrying any shopping bags. What did shock me was a queue of elderly people, again with some wearing masks, waiting to enter a charity shop, very essential to them I suppose. I succeeded in my latter intention and returned home in fairly heavy traffic, considering my trip to be a few weeks premature.

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    We've been shopping for my very elderly (but active) neighbours since it all started, and today they wanted to talk about whether they should start doing their own shopping. They've seen me limping up the path and feel guilty, but as my husband does the shopping, in between cycling and 10 mile runs, I was able to reassure them. It's really no big deal to put a few extra things in the trolley, but they also want their independence back.

    But I agree with everyone else, there will be a second spike of some sort after this relaxing of lockdown, as in Leicester. Living in a tourist are it's already on its way up the M6. and I don't want anyone I know to get caught up in it. So I suggested we keep shopping for them until we get an idea of whether the infection rate is going to rise, and where.

    My mother was suddenly taken into hospital this week on a non-covid issue, and it broke our hearts not to be allowed to go with her, but the fear of her coming out with covid is awful. But they've been fantastic with her and hopefully she is coming out tonight, and the infection rate where the hospital is is fairly low. But it was a really worrying time. Those muppets wandering about like it's the virus that's taking a holiday need a reality check.

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    Hope your Mum gets better soon Lilymary.

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    Thank you Mike, she came home last night, she said the staff were so kind to her, and gave her excellent care. She’s a bit frail, but feeling a lot better. We had a socially distanced family meet up today, our first since lockdown (other than zoom sessions), which will have done her a world of good. It was supposed to be in the garden but it started lashing with rain so we grabbed the patio furniture and set it up in the garage and carried on!