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Good morning. I have just registered and this is my first post.

I have a question. I have arthritis in various places but currently the most problematic is my knees. In January I had a fall and broke my elbow. I also badly bruised my knees and since then they have become progressively more painful. Is this likely to be a flare up that will subside or have I aggravated the condition and made it "worse" hence the increased pain? Any thoughts?


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    Good Morning @fpenney welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community.

    If I have understood you rightly you have arthritis (I am assuming Osteoarthritis apologies if I am wrong) in several joints. A fall in January during which you broke your elbow and bruised your knees since which your knees have become much more painful.

    Obviously we are not medically qualified to say whether or not this is your arthritis getting worse or indeed whether the pain will subside in time, but January was 6 months ago and I think you have waited enough time to ask your Dr to look into this increased pain now.

    I will leave our members to give you their thoughts. I hope you will keep in touch with us and let us know what the outcome is.

    Best wishes