When will hospitals resume musculoskeletal treatment


I've been trying to make an appointment for cortisone injection in my shoulder, which I should have every 6 months. All the hospital says is they aren't doing things because of Covid19. Has anybody any idea when they are likely to be resuming treatments. I'm in agony!


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Carole

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    This sounds extremely frustrating and painful. Some areas are doing elective procedures others are not yet some citing wanting to be COVID free first.

    While you're waiting for a response from our members this might be of interest

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    As Mod Ellen says, this will probably depend on the individual hospital and how easily or not they can deal with the virus. I think my area is covid-free but visitors are still, mostly, not allowed.

    My husband needs an x-ray tomorrow and he's had to ring in today to confirm that he'll be coming and is, to the best of his knowledge, well. Tomorrow, he'll go straight in, no waiting, have the x-ray then straight out. (And will on returning home, immediately put all his clothes in the washer and himself have a shower as I'm shielding.)

    An injection is an invasive procedure which therefore carries a small degree of infection potential so I'd guess they won't be happening yet. Have you checked out Versus Arthritis 's shoulder exercises? They might help. Maybe your GP could help with pain relief.

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