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So I have joint pain and swelling in all of my joints And I’m also exhausted all of the time. I had a telephone consult with my GP, I had bloods done and came back normal. Told to take ibruprofen end of! I asked for referral to a rheumatologist as really struggling with work and at home and in constant pain. The Dr refused!!! He’s referred me to a physio instead. I’m really upset and not sure what I’m meant to do!


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    I had a similar problem with my GP over a year ago, I asked for a referral to a Neurosurgeon as my neck was getting worse which was confirmed by X Rays and he refused as I had seen one 11 years ago who declined to operate on the grounds that the risk of paralysis was too high. I would have thought that the length of time since I had seen one would have been grounds for a referral, however he referred me to a Physio despite the fact that 3 physios had said that there was nothing they could do for me, I explained this to the GP but he said that there was now a laid down protocol for referrals, i.e. one gets referred to a low cost option first. Anyway I went to the physio who, once again said that there was nothing that he could do for me and that it appeared that the GP had made the referral merely to cover his backside, the physio then referred me to an OT who gave me a cervical collar and sent me on my way.

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    I'm sorry to learn that you have pain. I think you will find these the people who post on these forums most sympathetic on that score !

    I know of no NHS hospitals currently accepting new referrals to consultants due to the current situation with Covid-19. Those who are already under the care of a consultant are currently being reviewed by telephone. It's rather difficult to perform a physical musculo-skeletal examination on a new patient by telephone (even Skype).

    Even had your GP been able to refer you to a Rheumatologist you would be looking at a sixteen week wait under normal circumstances and often considerably longer.

    Hence it makes sense to me why he has referred you to see a physiotherapist not least as the wait will be considerably shorter. A physiotherapist will certainly have an intimate knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system on par with any physician.

    If your blood results are within normal range I wonder what you believe a Rheumatologist might accomplish that a GP cannot ? (Please don't misinterpret this question - it is a genuine enquiry).

    It is quite normal, where a patient has normal blood test results (and assuming they are not allergic to Asprin), to start them on Ibuprfen. It provides a good starting point and in a significant number of cases it will be all the patient requires to allieviate pain.

    Do ensure that you take it with or after food and as regularly as prescribed. As an additional benefit - it will not add to your fatigue as would be the case with an opioid based pain killers such as Co-Codamol.

    I also sympathise with you regarding the issue of fatigue. I have previously experienced such crushing fatigue that if I made a cup of tea I would have to sleep for half an hour to recover. It may improve with the Ibuprofen and my experience suggets it tends to ebb and flow somewhat and eventually resolve

    Presumably your GP advised you when they would like to review you ? If not contact them and ask.

    You have my sympathy, I hope the Ibuprofen is beneficial and that your get to see a physio in the very near future.


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    Vis-a-vis Arthur's comments above the only thing that I would add is that different Health Authorities/Hospitals are handling referrals differently so it is well worth going back to see a different GP and follow what I said on your other post. Good luck.

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    Hi NJ, I’ve answered at absurd length on your other post, I hope you find it helpful, but I agree with the comments above as well. Look after yourself, try the ibuprofen, and find a good physio to see if they can further a diagnosis, LM x

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    I don't know where you live but in Cornwall you can self-refer to the Physios if the GP won't.

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