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Hello thankyou for letting me join,i have just been diagnosed with arthritis of the c4 and c5 initially I thought the feeling of a lump in my throat was thyroid,i am concerned of arthritis getting worse in the neck has anyone else suffered with this and what treatment ami likely to have sorry for long post and thankyou,paula


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    I have widespread OA which includes my neck and I also have a detached disc in my neck. I was referred to a Neurosurgeon who refused to operate as there was, in his opinion, too great a risk of paralysis. I have a soft cervical collar and am on Morphine. Don't get worried at this stage as everyone is different.

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    hello chris thankyou for repyling,i was only diagnosed last Friday,i have had problems with my throat and swallowing for about 12 months I thought it was thyroid I had a barium swallow and that's how it was diagnosed I will contact my dr this week coming,regards paula

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    Take a look at this and this. The first link provides an overview, the second link lists treatment.