Could it be arthritis?


i have not been sleeping well due to pain on knee really sore warm to touch . my family worried that i may have blood clot .in leg .but i think athritus just want advice


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    Hi @betty123

    Great to meet you, I'm looking forward to seeing your posts. I can see that you and your family are concerned about your knee.

    Really whatever the problem is it needs to be seen by your GP and diagnosed, then treated. Both of your options require a visit to the doctor, and tomorrow is Monday so ...

    Here's our information on arthritis, it goes through the different types and will help you work out whether it is more likely to be arthritis

    Let us know if you are now more inclined to think arthritis and what the doctor says when you get to see them

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Mike1
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    There are a plethora of things it could be, you need to see your GP asap.

  • Crookesey
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    It took a long time for my R/A diagnosis, following a very reluctant referral from my GP to the Rheumatology dept of a teaching hospital. Don’t wish R/A on yourself, there are many curable conditions that would be a far better option, get a referral from a GP and allow the experts to do their job.

  • JoeB
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    It could be any number of things. I would recommend that you seek advice from a qualified medical professional.

    Today is Monday - your GP's telephone will be open to calls.


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    Hi Betty
    I cant help with the knee pain, but if you suspect a blood clot contact your gp immediately, clots can be fatal.