Reclaim SDP to stay on ESA


Hi I'm still learning hope I've done this write. I've been in receipt of ESA with SDP for a number of years. Four weeks ago my daughter became my carer and three weeks ago I moved house to be nearer her . I moved city's but thought as I qualify for SDP I didn't need to change benefits. It wasn't until today when I had a call from a lady from the council that I realised I had a problem. She has explained I no longer get SDP as my daughter receives the money for this and that I need to make anew claim for universal credit. I know I wouldn't get nearly as much money to live on and would struggle to pay my way on UN so could my daughter cancel her claim for carers so I could retain my SDP therefore remain on my ESA. I am physically disabled but also suffer from anxiety and I live in fear of getting thing wrong with the DWP and have been reduced to tears please can someone advice me I need to put things write.


  • Mike1
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    I think that you should contact your local CAB as soon as possible, so far as I know (not from personal experience) people are being moved onto UC as their circumstances change, i.e. moving house etc. If you are under 65 you should be claiming PIP as well. Hopefully you will get some good advice as a matter of urgency.

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    Carers allowance is so pathetic a sum too! I'm convinced they want people falling into this trap.

    You've lost your housing benefit too is that what's happened? I have to agree with Mike you need help ASAP and should contact Citizen's Advice.

    Do let us know how you get on 🤞for you