Wearing the same clothes

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Just doing the weekly wash , and i'm coming to realize i have been wearing and washing the same clothes for the

past 4 Covid months ! is there anyone the same ?

I'm so going to have a good clear out now that the Charity Bags are coming back through the door.

Yippy to doing something normal eh, a good clear out !

Keep strong & happy to all , LindaK🙇‍♀️


  • Crookesey
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    Think yourself very lucky, our washing machine decided to shake a seven on Monday, so we’re washing nothing properly. The good news is that the replacement, ordered on- line, from John Lewis will be with us and fitted on Thursday next. 😄

  • Mike1
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    I wear the same 5 black T shirts, pants, socks etc and then wash them and start again; I don't bother putting the clean clothes away after washing/drying as it saves bending over and pulling out drawers. It makes it easier when trying to get dressed in the morning just taking clean stuff off the pile.

  • Lilymary
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    I’ve defo been slumming it more than usual, in the first few weeks I thought what the heck and was often found in my dressing gown sitting in the front garden! now I’m easing back into work it feels REALLY odd seeing myself in make up again, I was thinking “have I really been going out looking like this before lockdown”?

    But now oh joy, facemasks, no one can tell if all I’ve done is slap a bit of mascara on! No point wearing lippy cos it will just end up all over the mask, and who can tell if I’ve got blusher etc in under all that cloth? I may keep this up as some sort of fashion statement/protest against something or other/new health scare etc...

    One bonus for me in lockdown is I decided to lose a bit of weight to take the load off my hip, and now all the clothes I couldn’t wear last summer fit again, just as well as I couldn’t have gone out and bought more. Still, as long as I’m wearing baggy pants at home, who cares eh?

  • Mike1
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    I don't wear make up either! 😁

  • frogmorton
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    Why not?!

    It might suit you😁

    Serioulsy I have tried really hard to keep standards up @LindaK but it's not been easy...my husband was terrible for letting himself go though. Lived in the most revolting clothes until I had words with him!

    Are charity shops taking donations yet my boot is still full from my pre-COVID offerings....?

  • Crookesey
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