Exhaustion with OA

Hi everyone
I am feeling so tired and exhausted the pain in my neck and joints just dont stop.
Really wanted to go for a walk today but I'm so tired . I work part time and am so chuffed I can but struggling to recover.
Going through a bad time at mo on waiting list to see a rheumatologist.


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    Hi Tracie, I’m sorry you’re feeling so wiped out, your poor body is trying to fight off all this inflammation at the mo, and it’s draining your energy resources. I know how frustrating this is, I’m in a similar position to you. Sometimes the exhaustion makes the pain worse, and sometimes the pain makes you more tired. You can’t always tell which started it, but the answer is the same. Rest.

    It’s important that you allow yourself to accept that you're tired and need rest. I find it helps to prioritise the stuff that really HAS to be done, and what, quite frankly, can just bloomin’ well wait. I call it “Chuck it in the stuff it bucket”, although I tend to use words that rhyme better! 😉 You’ll be amazed how much that ol’ bucket can take!

    But one thing you DO need to prioritise is rest. This will help your body recover, as there’s no point pushing yourself when you’re already running on empty. Anything else you can fit around that is a bonus.

    I understand the struggle of trying to fit work in with this, I’ve been doing this for a few years, and you’re doing a brilliant job keeping that going, but accept that you may need to take a bit of time off to break the cycle of running between just coping and total burnout. Or at least plan for plenty of recovery time, either on a day to day basis or particularly if you know you have a tough schedule coming up. It’s different for everyone how long this takes, but learn to get used to what your body can manage, and pace yourself accordingly.

    the acceptance of pacing and scheduling in rest periods is the hard part, but if you nurse yourself like this, you will start to find it does make a difference, and hopefully your energy systems will kick in again. It may come and go, try not to get disheartened, listen to what your body is saying and give it the rest it needs to allow you to get as much from your week, or day, or hour, as you can without wiping yourself out.

    It’s very easy to say this, but most of us will say we regularly overdo it, even when our bodies alarm bells are clanging! Just be prepared to rest after, and throw back a few more painkillers/hot water bottles/snuggly blankets etc to help you recover.

  • Tracie
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    Thank you so much lillymary.
    Your so right i am very slowly learning to slow down and listen to my body and rest. But trying to keep my job its hard isnt it.
    Pain hurts at home and at work so better to be at work takes my mind off it.
    I was so tired didnt go for a walk yesterday but joints hurt more today sometimes you cant win can you. Everyone is different but def drugs bubbles baths n meditation really help. Sometimes just a good cry. Im slowly learning like so many others .
    Thank you once again
    Safe safe x
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    I know that "I want to go out but I'm too tired" feeling. Part of you thinks you'll be better for it, but if your battery is already flat there's not much point pushing it further. But you're right, doing things to take your mind off the pain is really helpful, including meditation. Crying's good too. Just let it go, cos it's just pants what you're having to deal with.

    Try to get your employers on board to make things a bit easier for you if you can. Closer parking spaces, more sitting down jobs, better chairs, whatever will work for you and your work circumstances. It all helps.