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My dad has really suffered with the lockdown and isolation inasmuch as his arthritis in his one natural hip has really badly flaired (due to enforced inactivity) which in turn has caused corresponding problems with his knees, one in particular. He had one hip replaced about 20 years ago, and that so far is still holding up ... but he has become badly debilitated with his other hip suffering a lot of pain and loss of motion and strength. By his own admission what he is suffering now is far worse than he did first time round. Upshot is at 82 he can't really live what little life he has the way he is now while waiting for NHS treatment and I'm trying to persuade him to go private for his surgery.

He lives in Dundee in Scotland so I expect Edinburgh or Glasgow will be where he'll have to go for surgery but I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations or stories (good or bad) to offer or any advice on how to go about all of this. Likewise, on pain management - he is taking some heavyweight pain medication but its effects are lessening as time goes on. Has anyone been in a similar situation and had access to NHS pain management specialist services? Any insight would be much appreciated.



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    Hi @RCS (Richard)

    I am very sorry to hear about your poor Dad Sounds really debilitating and painful for him.

    I take it he has been diagnosed and is on a list for surgery on his second hip? Has he been referred for physio or pain management at all I wonder? Some people benefit from a steroid/painkilling injection into their joints. If it works it could buy him some time?

    As for going private - if he has the money there is nothing stopping you persuing that route at all. I believe (and might be wrong) that his GP would need to write him a referral letter.

    I'm sorry I don't know the name of a good surgeon up in your area, but maybe your GP would know of one or where to start?

    Plesae do let us know how you get on i really feel for your Dad.