For those of you with tinnitus, what do you do for pain relief?

I’ve had pain in my neck hip knee for 6 months and tinnitus for 1 month Gp thinks they’re both arthritis related and I’m going to have to have a hearing test and scan, but I mentioned about the ibuprofen possibly causing the tinnitus and he looked at me like I was mad then said it’s very rare and I should use it but that’s not an issue easy choice when you’re new to tinnitus and it’s driving me mad, in my naivety I’m hoping if I ease up on the pain relief the tinnitus may go away easier said than done I know. Can anyone relate


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    Hi KLT

    welcome to the say you have pain in neck and hip and knee relating to Arthritis also Tinnitus.

    It is a lot to deal with and I can understand why it is driving you crazy.Everyone on the forum will be on your side as we all suffer from forms of Arthritis.

    Please go to the forums and chat it will help you with your issues.Living with Arthritis, chit chat and Vals café are the most popular

    All the best Christine

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    Thanks Christine I’ll do that
  • Hi KLT

    I'm not sure what type of arthritis you are managing, whether it's osteoarthritis or another kind, but evidence supports how helpful it is in the management of pain to use self-management for arthritis. Two key steps in self-management include physiotherapy (and keeping moving) as well as healthy eating to keep your weight down.

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    all the best

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