Have you avoided NSAIDS for your pain as you’ve developed tinnitus?

Hi everyone I posted in new and the Help Board suggested here or Vals Cafe for more traffic, I’ve had pain in my neck & left hip/knee for over six months, also in the last month or so I’ve had problem with hearing that drives me mad. I saw the GP on thurs who suspects arthritis and tinnitus, I’m 46 . I’ve got to have a hearing test and a scan of some sort just to check. I admit I’ve been on Dr Google and I’ve repeatedly read that NSAIDS can cause the tinnitus, I naively would love to try to deal with the pain on my own if it would make the tinnitus go but I know that’s not realistic. I’m not a happy bunny right now. Anyone in the same boat? How do you deal with it?


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    Hi @KLT nice to meet you 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your tinnitus.

    Personally I have had tinnitus for many years and have taken lots of different med over the same time period so I'd have trouble 'blaming' any individual one drug for it.

    It may just be me playing my music too loud in my youth even.

    This is interesting:

    I avoid NSAIDS (now, but took them for many years) because they give me un upset stomach.

    I even read somewhere once that Proton Pump Inhibitors (to protect stomachs or for ulcers) can cause it, but that was't a UK source.

    It would be interesting to hear what other people say.

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    Thank you for linking the article that’s good to know I haven’t used an ibuprofen tablet for over a week or a gel for a few days but that’s mainly because I’ve adapted my life to lessen the need and I’m not willing to do that permanently so it’s good to know I can go back to using the gel when I need to
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    I hope the Dr can give you some reassurance or alternative pain meds if you need them ((()))

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    Really interesting article frogmorton, thank you.

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