Lower Back Support Belt

I’ve been wearing one for the past week on my dog walk and whilst gardening, it works for me. It’s one of those with magnets, whether they work or not I don’t know, but they have the effect of stiffening up the belt in the area that you want support.

A good tip is not to wear one directly on the skin as your underwear will not hold onto it. I’m not advertising, there are plenty out there at a variety of prices, I’m very pleased with mine.


  • Shell_H
    Shell_H Member Posts: 548

    I like my heated muscle support. I have one for my neck / shoulder and one for my lower back. I can't really wander around with them - they need to be plugged in - but they do really help with stiffness for me. I'd imagine they fulfil a slightly different use than your support, but again it's something I use and has helped me a lot. It might be worth looking into if you get stiff.

  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,176

    @Shell_H If I need to be out and about when things are really bad I use those heated pads that you stick on? Have you tried them?

    Also @Crookesey I had a friend who was a driver/delivery person. He was given a belt for lifting so I do think there's no harm in trying anything which doesn't do harm. Over the years I have noticed what works for one person may well not work for another and of course Vice Versa!

    Best wishes


  • Crookesey
    Crookesey Bots Posts: 119

    Having gained more than my fair share of cynicism In my 73 years I trust things that I can wear rather than swallow or inject. I’ve just ordered a spare as I noticed someone on-line selling the identical one that l paid over £6.00 for at £3.99.

    I am minded to try and find a shoulder support for my ‘locking’ shoulder, it’s obviously out of true, following very heavy swelling prior to my R/A diagnosis, what harm could it do?

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 28,072

    Well done getting a bargain there!

    I also like those heated stick on pads though to be fair I did once slightly and very temporarily singe myself when I fell asleep with one on!

    My new Son in law also has a belt when lifting heavy things at work.

  • Shell_H
    Shell_H Member Posts: 548

    @Ellen - yep, I’ve used the heated stick on pads. They have helped me before, but I do prefer the bigger supports. They manage to get the heat to more areas (just cos they’re bigger) and feel better. Also the heated pads are sometimes awkward to try to get to the back of your neck or shoulder - the kore you move an area the less well the stick on pads seem to stay in place.

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