Making informed decisions about joint replacement surgery

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The decision about whether to have joint replacement surgery is a big one.

Each year in the UK alone, over 250,000 people choose to have the procedure.

For people with arthritis, having a joint replacement can be life-changing, but while it’s beneficial for some, it’s not always the best option.

Some people will experience long-term pain and complications after having hip and knee replacements, so it’s important that people have a good understanding about all the choices that are available to them.

Research we’ve funded with the National Joint Registry, and conducted at the University of Sheffield and University of Bristol, has been leading the way in developing an online tool called ‘JointCalc’, which is designed to help people understand the potential risks and benefits of knee or hip replacement surgery and is tailored to their own individual circumstances.

You can read more about why the research was carried out and the development of the online tool.