PIP and feeling a fraud

I have just given notice to my 1 job as a support worker as I feel that I can no longer carry out the duties. Last year I saw the rheumatology consultant who organised xrays. My knees show wear from osteoarthritis, poor grip and nodules on fingers. My daughters (11) helps me shower on bad days and her n My
Partner do the cooking. Yet I was advising as a support worker. In the last 12 months my health has plummeted. I can bearly walk, swollen fingers are worse, Spurs on palms, can’t straighten knees yet I’m still working on checkout in a supermarket as I can slide the items with my inner wrist. Colleagues or customers pick up heavy items. I would work full time if I could continue to. I’m filling in my PIP reassessment form and feel useless but a fraud for applying. My meds make me exhausted, I get up at least 2 hrs before my shift if I’m in before 11am so I can have meds and able to move my joints. I use aids all over the house from cutlery to toilet aids. Does anyone else feel crap like this??


  • Lilymary
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    You may feel rubbish, but I think you’re heroic. I’m amazed by your determination and how much you can do considering how awful you feel. I can’t advise on PIP I’m afraid, just wanted to say you deserve a medal. Your family sounds awesome too.

  • Terina72
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    Thank you, I just feel I need to try n carry on working. It’s 16 hrs but them 16 hrs take away the pain playing on my mind. I get home n legs jump n hands burn but I would have had 4 hrs of being ‘normal’
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    Have you been to your GP since you’ve been deteriorating so fast?

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    Bless you Terina I think you get a lot out of your work clearly. PIP is a non-contributional benefit and you can claim while working without any issue.

    I have to say though maybe you need reassessing if things are deteriorating so very quickly.

    For definite though you are no fraud.