Hi does anyone have bad pain in their thighs due to OA


I have Osteoarthritis, recently my mobility has deteriorated. I have severe pain in my legs rising mainly from my knees up the front of my thighs to my hips and lower back. My OA is in my knees and lower back but I haven’t experienced pain and loss of mobility until this latter few weeks. Is this normal and what’s the best treatment.

Thankyou for reading this and for any reply’s, best wishes all. Trisha1


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    Hi and welcome,

    It's great to meet you, you have come to the right place for information and conversation with others like you living one or more forms of arthritis

    There are many here more than happy to share their experience as you share yours.

    This link is for general information regarding any type of arthritis

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    if you have a specific question please post in the Living with Arthritis discussion or for general chat in the Chit Chat discussion. Just join in wherever you feel comfortable


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    Special thanks to Lillymary for the brilliant reply, so appreciated, also Thankyou for allowing me in to the group to all concerned. Xx

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    Hi @Trisha

    Have you had any Xrays I wonder? Could it be your hips playing up here now? I have noticed over the years many GPs fobbing people off with 'it's your Arthritis' when actually it's possible something could be done to help if it was investigated properly.

    Worth asking for a physio referral in my opinion too or the number to self refer if that's what happens in your area. There are also pain clinics which many of us on here have found really helpful again Gp needs to refer you.

    Do let us know how you get on

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    I get sciatica in both legs which is linked to my spinal issues and manifests itself a bit like "restless legs" syndrome. On occasion I get pain down the front of my thighs there is no specific treatment that I know about, what I do is bang my feet on the floor as hard as I can bear; I can't honestly say that it does anything positive it's just something that I do. Another thing I get sometimes is like an electric shock which starts at the top of my thighs and shoots down to my feet causing my leg to jerk. Fun ain't it!

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    Thankyou all so much for taking the time to reply to me. Best wishes all. Xx