Mangle day!


As very little helps my pain, even Morphine, I do find that I benefit albeit in the short term (i.e. a day or two) from a deep tissue massage. On the day that I have it I usually get a decent night's kip as well, at least more than my normal 2-3 hours. Anyway I have not been able to have one since January but I have a visiting massage booked for today. There are a whole plethora of rules that they have developed to try to combat the virus that are imposed both on the masseuse and me, which includes me providing the towels, leaving windows open, wearing a mask and so forth. There was also a questionnaire that I had to fill in. All in all I was impressed with the information and rules that they had posted on their website which gave me the confidence to book. So at 2pm this afternoon Lucy will be digging her elbows into my back, shoulders etc to get those pesky knots out. By 4pm I expect to have nodded off. This is the first time that I have had this girl as I used to visit a nurse who is also a masseuse but since my driving licence has been taken away this has not been possible. All being well I will get some benefit out of this afternoon and will book a fortnightly session. Anyone else get a benefit from deep tissue massage?


  • KazandNoo
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    Yes,I find a massage helpful. We don't always realise the tension that builds up in our bodies.It sounds as though she's thinking a lot about safety, which will help you to relax before she begins the treatment. Enjoy!
  • N1gel
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    I envy you that! I used to get massaged back in the 90's and wish I still did, but I remembered how to get rid some of those shoulder knots myself and how you can counterintuitively work the area opposite that which aches.

    Curiously, the lady who used to do my back once tried reflexology on me; I wasn't keen but wow! it really woke up my leg nerves. Then she retired and I tried someone else for reflexology - nothing!

  • Mike1
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    Ouch, did she find the knotty bits and areas that I didn't even think were causing a problem as they were probably being masked by meds. A very intuitive masseuse who was bright and cheerful. I nodded off almost as soon as she left for a while, then nearly burnt my tea as I nodded off again, then missed Masterchef because - guess what - I nodded off and then when I woke up at 0130 I went to bed for my normal 3 hours. I shall be re-booking dreckly.

  • stellabean
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    Glad you have found a good masseuse it can feel so good and so painful at the same time but so lovely when it works out the knots. My physio uses massage quite a bit on my hubby's back as he had surgery on over 14 inches of it. I have it periodically on my neck which helps when things are stiff it is amazing how many knots we are unaware of until they are manipulated then you know. We have a regular set booking as she is so good she gets booked up.