:) Hi there,am a newbie, just wanted to say I have been doing workouts with Lucy Wyndham-Read, she is brilliant there are things I can’t do coz of my hip and knee, but I still try to fight thru the pain, am proud of myself with what iv achieved I have lost 1 and half stone I feel good about myself a bit more, just thought I d share that with you 🤗


  • Lilymary
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    Wow, well done! So p,eased you’ve been able to keep going. The extra fitness will really help your muscles support your joints.

    I’ve managed to lose nearly a stone during lockdown but the pain in my hip is now so bad that it’s really limiting and I’m finding I can’t do even most basic moves on my Gentle Pilates class and will have to drop out when it restarts. 😢 . Even being on hands and knees is too painful. However, I get into some pretty odd positions when gardening so I call that my workout session!. 🙂🌹🐝