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Aloha kākou, I just found this forum and thought it could provide some much needed support. I'm a male 51, 5'11" and have been suffering from what I believe to be gout attacks. My first attack happened about 6-7 years. I remember 1-2 crisis per year. This last one was severe, it lasted almost two months and affected both feet, one after the other and then both, then one. It feels like I had 3 consecutive attacks. Fortunately it's on its way out but I'm sore and walking on eggs. I think it was triggered by a fast I started to loose weight, I got off 25# in about a month and the pain started. I'm reluctant to take alluprinol or colchicine and I've attempted to manage the situation on my own with ibuprofen and herb but this last attacks worries me. I don't drink and my diet is 80% vegetarian. I still get attacks every 6 months in my feet. The pain generally starts in my ankle and then moves around the foot. Everywhere I read a gout attack last 3 to 5 days but in my case it does way longer. I don't get the big red and warm toe but the affected feet is definitely swollen and tender. Pain wise, I can massage my feet and toes, the pain is inside like a broken bone, constant and at times excruciating. However, overall and for the last 2-3 years I noticed that the pain level was inferior comparing to the first attacks but they last longer.

I ordered a uric acid meter and scored 7.1mg yesterday. Obviously I need to take it more seriously and go to see a doctor to get confirmed.

My biggest concern is regarding the treatment to reduce the uric acid if it is in fact what's causing the problem.

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    Hi Cleos

    Welcome to the forum,glad you have found us.

    You say you think you have gout above is a link for you about Gout hopefully it will help.

    I do advise you however to go to your GP for advice as he or she is more qualified to diagnose and help you in this matter.

    You are welcome to chat on the forum.the most popular being Living with Arthritis, Chit Chat and Vals café.

    Please let us know how you get on.Christine

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    Hi Cleos, that sounds really miserable for you. Do go to the GP for a proper assessment and referral, these things are always worth reviewing from time to time, specially when you’re getting such awful flare ups. That also sounds a lot of weight to lose in a month, on the one hand “well done” but on the other “slow down”! Your body’s making quite a few adaptations to do that, and it sounds like something has gone out of kilter. Again, mention to your Gp and try to work on a more gradual, sustainable and manageable plan