Hip&Leg pain

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Hi everyone i hope you all are keeping ok.

I am still in constant pain waiting for hip surgery ( three years ) if there is anyone waiting for the same operation and has the pain radiating down the leg too .. i have spoke to GP i have just been given a higher dose of morphine Patch which is not doing any good for me and i think it's making my pain worse to be honest.

Thanks LindaK ... keep safe


  • Lilymary
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    Me too. Hip to ankle, and all stations in between. I hate it. I’m not allowed morphine as it clashes with other meds, i’m on cocodamol and naproxen. After a couple of months of this and pain continuing to get worse, I was getting desperate but GP said there’s not much more we can offer. But I have to say it’s Settled down a bit lately and I’ve even been able to reduce the dose some days. It’s bearable so long as I don’t do anything challenging, but I had a long hard day at work last Friday and it took 5 days of near inactivity for the pain levels to drop again 😖. I’ve noticed my limp is getting far worse too, I’m rolling around like an old galleon.

    3 years is an awful long time to wait. Do you know why?

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    I have hip pain and ankle but I also get a numbness in my foot not sure if this is because a nerve is being pressed on by the swelling in either of the joints. Was wondering if anybody else has this