Just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. Taking methotrexate. Anyone advise good or bad?


  • Chris_R
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    Hi SuzanneF

    Welcome to the forum its good to see you posting.

    You say you have just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and taking methotrexate,i expect you are still getting use to the diagnosis and finding out about your arthritis and the drugs you take to help you.

    We are all very friendly and understand how you feel, the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis, Chit Chat and vals café.

    please choose a forum or forums and enjoy chatting to others

    All the best Christine

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  • Crookesey
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    Lynda, are you taking Methotrexate orally or by some form of injection? I’m no expert but am guessing that you, like me, are allergic to the oral version, why not see what your rheumatologist thinks?

  • SuzanneF
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    Thanks..really appreciate your input. Only my second week of taking methotrexate, blood test next week to check liver.
  • lkn
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    Hi crooksey.

    I'm taking oral tablets just now. I'll need to catch up with rheumatology at some point to discuss further. I work full time so hard to get time to organise anything else. I'm getting bloods via my local doctors I haven't seen rumey nurse since last November. Covid has stalled everything. I've been on 12.5ml for about 7 months now with no real problems. Last time when I was put on 17ml straight away I used to feel sick mostly the day after. Then this time when I reached 15ml. So 12.5 seemed ok for me. I took the increase very slowly way slower than what they told me to take. But 5 weeks after increasing the doze it's gone wrong again. I'm sure it will all get sorted. Just wish it didn't hurt so much. What are you taking.
  • Crookesey
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    I’m Metoject PEN injecting 15mg of Methotrexate once a week and 5mg of Folic Acid orally two days later, I haven’t had a problem with this.

  • Saffey
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    20 years of RA..and 10 years OA...On Enbrel Entenarcept Injections once a week.

    methotrexate for 15 years Tablets and Alternatively injections pen...

    NHS changed the companies they use to produce these and each time I had a different outcome. 1. Not much relief from RA, and had skin rash,and headaches..sickness.

    Injections made me very sick and Very bad headaches.

    oh and now blood tests every 3 months not every month..😢

    altho the NHS also change supplier of Enbrel to Benpali..which I Also had to revert back to Enbrel...Oh my.

    wish they would leave things that work for us..Rant...over.

    also changed from folic Acid everyday , to calcium once a week..oh hum