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C1 in neck occipital atlantial joint

Just been told the problems with my neck is C1 joint occipital atlantial joint is causing me all the pain. I have been seen by a osteopath to try to help me so will see how I am over the next few days . I haven’t had any injury to this area could this be another arthritis issue ? I have OA in my hands just diagnosed . .
Anyone else have this and did you find anything that really helps you ?


  • Mike1Mike1 Posts: 868 ✭✭✭✭

    I have OA in my neck (as well as everywhere else) and a detached disc, I wear a front fastening soft cervical collar when my neck is not otherwise supported, by being in my recliner for example, which helps.

  • This is interesting. I've had a v iffy neck for many years - hurts doing breaststroke, spent a lot of money on pillows (ongoing). Diagnosed in maturity with osteoarthritis, then rheumatoid arthritis. Seized up with pain ++, x-ray showed significant problem. Head & neck feel like that old children's game where a wooden ball is balanced on a wooden scoop, with no cushioning whatsoever! I get by by being v careful in exercise sessions, besides meds. Good luck to you. Please keep in touch.
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