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Morning to all, it's a bit of a rainy day here in Hull .. i thought i would do some card craft and maybe a bit of sewing later in the day ... i've got a few xmas orders so on rainy days well most days really i do my Hobbies to pass time way and also to take my mind off my aches & pains ... what do you do to pass the time away ?🙇‍♀️


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    I have a variety of things i do dependent on weather and how I feel health wise.

    My favourite things are gardening probably and seeing friends - which you slightly can't do so easily atm 🙄

    I also listen to Audio books on walks or when gardening.

    I like cooking if I'm in the right frame of mind (and body).

    I do jigsaws and knit as well as doing a little craft fairly badly!

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    Apart from watching TV from about 4am till gone midnight I do a variety of things in about 10 - 20 minute bursts as that is all I can manage until I need to rest. Indoor train layout; outdoor raised train layout; making models; making bird tables and boxes; reading; playing scrabble on my old Nintendo DS. Oh, and feeding the cat when she tells me!

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    For anyone into jigsaw puzzles The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath have made online jigsaw puzzles out of some of their pictures free! and when you've done them all you can start again (increasing the number of pieces by using the 'play as' button top right).

    My 80 yo parents love them. No more lost or dropped pieces! (I love them too btw)

    Just google 'The Victoria Art Gallery Bath'

    PS the app they've used takes you to hundreds of other jigsaw puzzles.

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    @N1gel That could get horribly additive....

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    I did crochet in last Lockdown but can't seem to get into it this time but now my pain is more under control plan to make some baby baby thing for 2 new babies due in our family in February 2021

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    oooh! babies due in 2021 - should be a far better year @Mistyblue for them to arrive


    It's been more difficult to 'do' this 'lockdown' it not being quite a full one I think.

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    I like painting models - normally wargame ones. There's small and interesting, and I get to do whatever I like with them.

    I too have struggled to make the most of this lockdown - mostly because my work isn't actually closed this lockdown. It's not an essential, but this lockdown has been a lot lighter, so things are still running as normal. Not impressed, as this meant that we still caught covid at the beginning of the lockdown - from other people in my partner's work. The fact that we're not working from home and still have to go in to work (apart from the isolation period for covid) has made this basically not a lockdown for us - it's been exactly the same as no lockdown.

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    Love it!

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    You should go on 'bake-off' Yvonne! I am very impressed with that cake 😋

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    I love him @YvonneH no way could I cut him though and eat him 😫

    Reminds me of when our girls were little and my bro also had 3 girls...one of them had cake with a lot of blue dye in it - you should have seen their ...erm...'motions'😳 yep BLUE!

    Shouldn't have that problem with your wonderful creation though😊

  • Hello, do some foil figures. Origami seems for me to hard with all those schemes. Working with foil is like something in between sculpting and origami.

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    Hi @LolaLiu

    Welcome to the Online Community it's great to meet you. I confess I had never thought of doing models using tinfoil - and having looked at your photo of a dragonfly I can just imagine my gdau making a dragon out of foil!

    When we are back to visiting I shall recommend it to her, I find the noise can 'go through me' sometimes so though I shall give it a go I may go back to my usual crafty things.

    Do write soon to let us now a little about your journey with arthritis,

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you

    Take care


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    I do whatever comes along, I’ve refurbished an old fashioned sleigh, a 1920’s model steam yacht amongst many things this year. I’m just about to make a plywood Christmas tree to hang a collection of bells on. Oh and making a world of wonders for my grandson, including model glider, whales, papier-mâché islands with coconut trees etc etc More shelves to make then perhaps a shed tidy up before the next job?

    It takes my mind off of arther.

    it’s a grin, honest!

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    Sounds very productive Airwave! Would like to see pics if you can post them?

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    Due to having widespread OA I tend to sit in my recliner for 18+ hours a day and although I like making models I can only manage 10 minutes or so at a time as it hurts to sit upright and my hands are yuk. I obtained an over-chair table from an on-line supplier of disabled living aids which is great as I can do bits and bobs from reclining:

    Anyway, here is a Battle of Britain airfield diorama featuring a Mustang getting ready for take off which is 1/72nd scale and took me a couple of months to complete:

    And since xmas I have managed to complete a diorama of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969 (when I was 11) in the same scale:

    Next project is a few models of Napoleonic soldiers.

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    They are fantastic Mike, I do believe we are the same age!!

    My latest art effort is here

    I am learning that I am better at painting small things, somehow birds work well for me, and I should have painted the board so the white would show up better! I am still pleased with it though


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    Lovely painting of a Blue Tit, rather than painting the background I would try getting hold of some pale coloured card. Here are my latest models, I am managing to complete about one a fortnight working for 10 minutes at a time as that is all I can manage until the pain hits. They are 54mm high and I paint using a pair of magnifying glasses incorporating a light which fit over my specs.

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    Good idea Mike, I shall give that a go. I've been spending my time reading a lot lately - I got a kindle 6 book series and it just goes straight from book 1 to 2 etc and I can't resist reading the first few pages - and then a bit more . . .

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    Likedoing cross stitch knitting and crochet ashands allow

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    Hi @LindaK , nice to me you.I like reading, but of course too much is bad for my neck, so I ration it, as it were. I like baking sometimes, not too often, as I like eating too much, lol, doing physio, ok that’s not a hobby, just a necessity, I write things down, nothing that great or voluminous, but it helps me, growing my hair, another joke…(really need to find a decent hairdresser).

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    Great will check this site out thankyou. I am new here and just posted a question about jigsaw puzzles. Happy Puzzeling

  • Hi, I have been a cross stitcher for 25 years this year, as I have osteo-arthritis in my hands, I can't do as much as I used to but I do try and keep it going with small projects as this is my goto hobby when my mental health is really low. I also have a 2 year old granddaughter who I need to entertain, lol.

    This was my latest project, I was in agony with it for a week or so but I was determined I was finishing it. x