comfortable yet fashionable shoes!



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    Foot Art do loads of styles of crocs and they arrived day after I phoned the order through!
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    Uggs are great !
    Unfotunately i'm not allowed to wear boots for works and have to wear full shoes - which mean my feet get very cold !!
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    ive been wearing uggs for about 10 years now they are the most comfortable boots you'll ever wear, currently have 3 pairs 2 for the winter and one for the summer months :roll:, i just recieved my ugg slippers yesterday after waitnig months for them to come over from oz and they are the bees knees also, highly recommend 8) :D
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    You can't go wrong with a good pair of Nike Air. They are pricey but worth it, I don't wear anything else. The type with the bubble are best, extremely comfy. I'm lucky my folks go to the States twice a year and they bring me back a pair everytime and there about half the price. You can get them cheaper if you visit
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    I love pretty shoes and hate the fact that pain and swelling limit choices.

    I've found a few ways around the problem for days that I need to dress up and can't wear converse trainers.

    1. Proper cowboy boots (not the highstreet versions) are work shoes for ranchers. They come in a range of widths and include serious arch support and very tough, well-padded soles. They are meant to fit loosely, so there is space for feet to swell. I ordered a pair from Kansas ( in the early autumn and wear them everywhere. I've had lots of compliments and they actually look better than the high street versions.

    2. I have several pairs of Sholl's "Party Feet" gel inserts for normal shoes. (£5ish) I put them into ballet slippers (and heels if I'm feeling defiant). If my feet are really painful, I will layer two or three of the gel inserts. The gel pads are great too because my feet can swell and shrink across a range of sizes each day - by removing inserts, I can change the shoe size to match. You can by these at Boots and shoe stores.
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    I have a few pair of Rocket dogs- comfort and style.
    Someone on one of the posts mentioned Moshulu and I bought a plain pair and some sandals.Lovely soft leather but with support.
    I mostly wear trainers,Nike and Saucony.

    :):) Linda :):)
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    I have oa in my ankles and recently bought a pair of the air ballet pumps for works from clarks absolote heaven. Goin out to a party tonight was planning on wearing heels but my ankles are playing up so might have to settle for a pair of pumps that don't quite go with my dress.
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    Havent messaged on this one for a bit bu tIve got to say to check ou tthe sandals on the topshop website, ive tried a couple on in the shop (bit broke at the mo hence no purchase yet, maybe a cheap bargain on ebay) and they are seriously comfortable, non of that too flat ballet shoes that seem comfy then whoa up sore ankels after about half an hour rubbish! The ones i tried were the haste and husky models i think it was, finally someone out there in the shoe design world is hearing my silent pleas!!
    Anne x
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    I'm glad I found this. I have always had problems getting footwear and this time of year is the worst. My feet are so horrible that I get really paranoid about people looking at them. Ballet pumps are a no no as my feet are too broad and my toes are too swollen. Argh, it's a nightmare! 'going out' shoes are the worst. I've got a wedding coming up and I've no idea what to wear on my feet...
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    I've just discovered a make called Fitflops, they're really comfy flipflop-style sandals which have a really well padded sole and they're supposed to give you a work out while you're walking because they stimulate your muscles for longer with each step you take - I've just got some, not for this reason (although it would be an added bonus!) but because I've also read that they can improve your posture and help build up weak muscles, relieve back and foot pain and even reduce pain from some forms of arthritis. I haven't looked into it in detail yet but it sounds like they're good all-round for your feet and body! Does anybody know anything else about them?
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    A friend persuaded me to try Eco shoes. I hate the whole frumpy shoe issue and managed to find some funky ones that look cool with jeans. They are so comfy and supportive and have really helped with the problems I was getting with my knee as a result of my worn out hip.

    Good luck!
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    Hi, I have a pair of silver Fitflops and they are the best thing ever! They are the only thing I have worn for months and my feet are a bit mis shaped now due to RA so they are heaven!! I can't believe how comfy they are and what a difference they make, you don't have to buy the expensive ones mine are the cheapest ones 'Walkstar' thay are the best thig ever and my Mum has just bought me a black pair so I can wear them for work!! :)
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    yep, they are great. i went for cream suede ones and the first time i wore them my new blue jeans leaked dye on the front of them! And they rub a bit between the toes so I have to put plasters on before I wear them but it's worth it - they're so comfy! It feels so weird to wear 'normal' shoes after them.
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    The comfyest shoes I've got (ever had) are my doc marten Mary janes. They are never off my feet.

    Carol xxx
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    Just bumping this one up - I know its got a lot in it

    Toni xx
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