Hi I have osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis , fibromalgia both knees replaced & hip

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I am so worried at moment as waiting for mri on my spine as my spinal stenosis is getting so bad can hardly walk far and standing is really hard im only 50 I had a spinal injection last september but it didn’t work , I had my left knee replaced 2 years ago and my right one replaced last september and I went to hospital last week for my left knee as it constantly is burning and leg is so stiff and painful I had xrays & my surgeon says it needs a revision I seem to be getting worse Just wondering if anyone else has same symptoms & does it get any better or does it get worse


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    I'm not surprised you are worried at the moment it sounds as though you have a fair bit going on.

    The MRI will be a real help. Fear of the unknown is often the worst thing. You need to know what is going on with your spine and once you do what can be done to help.

    It is really unlucky that your knee needs revision after only 2 years Is this planned or are you thinking about what to do and seeking others who have had knee revisions?

    I managed to find this old thread:

    But it might be an idea to post it as a separate subject if you don't get much response.

    Best wishes and do please let us know how you get on


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    Hi @Mini

    Sorry to read all that 😕

    The MRI is a good thing I have to agree remember whatever is wrong is wrong now and much better you find out what it is and what can be done to help you. I had back surgery in the end. It was very very tough going and a fairly hard recovery, but I am so glad I had it done now.

    I agree with Ellen. If it's the knee issue that you wonder if others have had I would do a separate post maybe title it something like 'knee revision anyone'? or anyone had problems post TKR?? I don't know it might help.

    Take care