400 yards of hedging....arthritic hands.


I am feeling guilty as I have always cut all the hedges with secateurs/shears but am finding that every time the shears cut my wrists complain. The pain lasts several days after I've done the job, which takes me a long time in itself to do...and some is too high for me to reach. My g.p. has said not to use my hands but craft is my favourite hobby, so whilst and when I can I do it.

Hubby said this morning that he was thinking of buying a hedge trimmer at £400. He won't do the job by hand. this is money we can ill afford so I don't know what to do. An arthritis flare has been avoided for two years and am permanently on steroids...two years ago when I had a flare I couldn't even turn the key in the ignition.

if I continue to cut hedges, am I doing any lasting damage, or not?? After last flare I was on 40mg steroids per day...as could hardly walk/move hands due to 'sausage fingers'. However, £400 is a lot for us...!! thought about someone coming in to cut hedges, but that wouldn't be cheap as none is tractor accessible. Just feeling guilty?? What would you do??


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    Thank you for all your comments...my husband is 73 and doesn't particularly like hard work, which is why I have always done the hedges...once with only a pair of secateurs!!! I think I will leave it up to him and 'opt out', of any decision, however frustrating I may find it. I have already opted out of cutting the very steep bank the other side of one of the hedges as it goes down to a busy main road....I always did that with shears and secateurs too, and that land doesn't belong to us....just feel it reflects on us!!

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    Hi - I am a fellow sufferer. I work for a garden machinery company.

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    I have similar issues, I find that leaving the hedges to grow and then using a small 10” extending chainsaw Works well, I chop it back every 12-15 months. Paying someone to do it might be cheaper than buying tools and doing it yourself? Or find a local ‘Greengym’ who could help?

    its a grin, honest!