Knee MRI and fed up


Hi all,

I seem to be having a huge flare up of osteoarthritis in my knee. This might be because I’ve been overdoing it as it was going well. Went away and had some nice walks , and had to climb a lot of stairs. Never had a flare up like this before

Rather fed up as I’m only 51 and limping around. Work terrible as I’m a midwife. Feeling a tad sorry for myself today, sorry. Icing it as we speak .

Just had yet another phone consult with an advanced physio practitioner, who’s going to refer me for a MRI.

Forgot to ask him, it’s just the lower end of the body which goes in for a knee MRI isn’t it? ( Im rather claustrophobic)

Thank you for listening ❤️



  • Mike1
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    I think it is the lower end of the body, suppose it depends whether the Radiologist has a hangover and puts you in the other way round.

  • Chris
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    Hi coffeecup. I have had  couple of MRI scans on my knee at both were jus t he lower limb type, they are quite noisy and take about 10-15 minutes, they give you ear defenders and ask you to stay as still as possible. The first one I had over 5 years ago I wasn't in as much pain as I am now and a fell asleep found it strangely relaxing. Good luck with yours.