I have a lot of problems with pain legs and also hand pain

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I don t now what I have.

For 2 month I have pain legs stiffness and also swelling in my back of my knee , My moves are not the way they use to be I am very slow in my walking and my both arms are in pain. My situation is going worst I stop to work because this condition that is sever.


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    Hi @oitza

    Welcome to the forum,thank you for telling us that have stiffness in your legs and also swelling and pain.

    You really should go to your GP to be diagnosed and tell him or her your symptoms.Meanwhile I thought this article would help

    just to reiterate please try and get an appointment to see your GP and let us know how you get on

    The forum provides people who will be sympathetic and understanding to your symptoms as we all have degrees of pain to deal with.The most popular are Living with Arthritis,Chit Chat and Vals café

    Hope all goes well with you Christine

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    You need to see your GP!