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Hello Everyone,

My first post here.

I've been living with RA for around 11 years and take methotrexate. I have been advised to start on baricitinib. I have various good and (very) bad experiences of biologics over the years and am very anxious about starting a new one, especially at the moment with the Covid situation.

Wondering if there is anyone on the forum who takes baricitinib and who might be prepared to share their experiences with me.

Thanks so much.



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    I started on Baractinib end November. I was previously taking Toclixumab, but found the effects started to wear off and I was very tired so I was given Baractinib to see if that would help my joints and the tiredness. I'm pleased to say it has helped with both. I have RA and PA with the Psoriasis. An unexpected bonus was that it cleared up my Psoriasis in 3 weeks, this is the first summer in about 20 years where I havent had to worry about exposing skin. I also take Merhotrexate. Another advantage is that unlike most of the other Biologics which are injections, Baractinib is in tablet form.
    I've heard weight gain is a sside effect. I have put on a stone, but think that is mire due to overeating at Xmas.
    I would say give it a go, you can always stop if your not happy with it., this is about my 7th Biologic, I was diagnosed 28 years ago. I havent had any bad experiences, the biological completely changed my life.
    Good Luck!
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    Thanks for such a thoughtful reply. Your experience is really reassuring. I had a really bad experience with Etanercept so I have been very anxious about trying the new drug. The fact that it is a tablet does make it feel a bit more manageable.

    Thanks again. I’m so glad you have had such a positive experience.