Concerned about the future

Due to severe osteoarthritis in my neck I have now been advised not to do any work that includes lifting by my Dr. I lost my job at the beginning of the lockdown and I can't think of any job that I am qualified to do that doesn't include lifting. I have been helping my friend with her jam business, however even a couple of hours chopping fruit gives me several days of pain.
I don't know if my osteoarthritis is bad enough to get some form of disability allowance. I'm getting scared about how I can cover my bills. I'm currently on job seeker's allowance, but that stops in October. I would appreciate any help or guidance. Thanks


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    Hello @Nickyc - Just following up on your query regarding disability allowance.

    Our general guide to Financial Support covers a range of topics with links to further information on Disability Living Allowance and also Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

    As @ChrisK says, contacting the Helplines may also prove to be useful in pointing you to other support services that are appropriate to you.

    Best wishes


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    I've been rejected for Universal credit because my husband earns too much and my previous job was cash in hand so I have insufficient N.I. contributions. My GP took too long to do his part of my P.I.P paperwork so I went past my cut off date. I can't work because of the osteoarthritis in my neck, which means looking down for too long causes days of pain. My GP says I now have nerve damage in my neck which causes migraines and dizziness as well as pain.

    Are there any benefits that I could claim?

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    You can start the process for PIP again. You're GP just provides supporting documents, which are optional. You do not have to include these, and if the DWP decides they need to contact your GP they can do so directly. So definitely restart your application for PIP. The only mandatory thing is you complete the questionnaire.

    There are also a number of office-type jobs you can do working from home, so it may well be having a look around for those. Working from home is becoming a lot more common for computer-based jobs thanks to Covid. You could also do a search for types of jobs you can do self-employed. There's a lot more than you think, and you would be in charge of what you did then. Have a search online for ideas of what jobs to do self employed. You could also check out the Access to Work information on the link above.

    Given you're not receiving Universal Credit due to your husband's salary you're going to struggle for other benefits. You could apply to your local council for council tax benefit, but that may also be affected by your husband's income. It's unlikely your husband will be able to claim carer's allowance either because of this. Your best bet is probably to find a part time job which doesn't make your pain worse.