Arthritis in my Knee



Hi,I am 52 and have had problems with my right knee for 5 years now. I have been told that it arthritis and I have seen a Physio who gave me some exercises to do but thats been it. My knee is now so painful it is now keeping me awake at night and basically hurts everyday all day, I cannot bend it properly and I feel it's restricting my life. I have also been having pain at the base of my thumbs which I know can also be arthritis related.I'm about to make another appointment at the doctors as I am feeling so depressed about having this and know I'll probably be offered steroid injections which I don't really want. Just needed somewhere that I could have a moan and someone else might understand how I feel.


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    Hi @curlyred I have had awful pain in my right knee for over 2 years now got diagnosed about 18 months ago after having arthroscopy done for a suspected meniscus tear when they opened my knee up was told I had stage 3 oesteoarthiritis since then my knee pain has become a lot worse and after being referred back to orthopaedics in Jan 2020 was told my right knee was bone on bone and am waiting to have a knee replacement delayed due to covid 19 .

    About 11 months ago my left knee gave way walking downstairs got meniscus tear and been told I have tricompartmental Arthiritis in my left knee but it isn’t bone on bone yet .

    Ive had to give up my job as I was working as a carer pain restricted movement was making it impossible to do my job .

    I understand your pain and how debilitating it can be

    I’ve had several steroid injections but they didn’t help me unfortunately.

    Im 50 now this Arthiritis has impacted on me big style

    I’ve seen physio previously but exercises didn’t help as damage already been done

    Don’t mind moaning that’s what the forum is for