Servo positive rheumatoid arthritis

Ihave servo positive rheumatoid arthritis and o/s, I've been on methetraxe, then beneapali, and just coming of tocilizumab as had reaction to all 3,beneapali was on for 18 months, but tocilizumab was on for 6 weeks before I had reaction, I couldn't get out of bed, my whole body was in agony, that was 6 weeks ago, I've been told I've to wait until between 8/10 weeks before I can try something else, in the meantime my imflamation is getting worse and I'm coming out with more rheumatoid nodules on my arms and feet, all I'm taking is paracetamol and ibuprofen, but in constant pain, I always had pericarditis two weeks ago, I hope someone could get me some advice as I don't know what I can do, my next appointment is on 28th August. Thanks Gary