25 year old with RA Just switched to methotrexate injection !

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Hey guys

Wonder if anyone can offer some advice , I’ve been taking 25mg of methotrexate now for 3 years , the past 6 months it hasn’t been working and my symptoms have become really bad, the worst they’ve ever been , so my doctor has switched me to the methotrexate injections, still 25mg , I’m just not feeling too positive about it as its the same amount just entering my body a different way , but I’m on the highway dose I can go on ....... anyone have any experience with this , or feel a different from taking the tablets to injections ?

Would really appreciate any advice
Stay safe everyone


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    Hi Poppy, I have no experience with this as I have OA but see https://www.nhs.uk/medicines/methotrexate/ tablets are ingested through the stomach whereby injections get straight into the blood stream so although the doses may be the same the rate of absorption is different and, as a result, the effects will be different.

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    Thanks Mike :)
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    Hello Poppy, I've had RA for 32 years, and started on MTX tablets quite early on but was soon put on injections. The reason they are so successful is because the same dose in tablets will not give you the same strength of te drug in your body - and it cuts out most of the bad side effects as it will by-pass your stomach. I used injections very successfully for 10 years. Alone and with Leflunomide (Arava). Now I only take Leflunomide 20mg, but still have a low dose of MTX and Pred as I have Vasculitis. May I wish you all the best with the injections.

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