How is it possible to keep putting up with pain

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Hi I have done pain clinic course it did nothing for me I have osteo arthritis plus back pain walking is he'll but I keep going.I just wish someone would listen my go sends me triage it's no help I am still trying to work but don't know how long I can keep going everyday is a battle anyone has any idea's to help would be appreciated



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    Hi Annecalle, the endless pain is rubbish isn’t it, like you, I find walking difficult and painful now, and have to get round with a stick when out of the house. I’ve gone from being extremely active to hobbling like an old arthritic pet dog in 4 months.

    i get by on cocodamol, amitriptyline and naproxen, which just about keep the pain bearable, even brief moments where I can forget my OA completely (till I try to move, that is...) and hot wheatbags if I’ve overdone it.

    The pain was hideous in the early weeks and months after diagnosis, but I eventually learnt to change what I did and how I did it, particularly in pacing myself so that the injured joints don’t get too much of a pounding, and that’s certainly stopped the really bad flare ups. Distraction is also really helpful, find something that will engross you (light gardening does it for me, or reading etc) And take your mind off the pain. I also try a sort of mindfulness, so when a real jab of pain comes from nowhere I acknowledge it (sometimes swear at it!) and then relax, breathe through it, and let it go. Tensing up will stress the tissues around the injured joint and make it worse.

    But constant pain is wearing and exhausting, these days I’m surprised and depressed at how this grinds you down, and I’m getting slower and slower. so I try to find any activity that will lighten my mood and keep my spirits up. Cats, silliness on telly, chatting with a friend, joking around with my husband, watching the antics of birds in the garden, or even getting on the computer and doing some work, anything that lifts me out of myself.

    But it can be really hard, we do know how it feels on this site, I hope others will come along with some tips that work for you.

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    As a fellow OA sufferer being in constant pain is absolutely hellish and as nobody, other than fellow sufferers, seem to understand it can be tremendously frustrating when one does not feel that we are being treated seriously or compassionately. Meds only knock the edge off, even morphine which I am on, as Lilymary and many of us will tell you it is a case of finding something that you enjoy doing to try to distract you. I have tried every non-drug therapy out there and nothing has worked, spent hundreds on acupuncture, CBT totally screwed me up and got me smoking after years off, and so on but even so I would not knock anyone trying anything in the hope that something may help, after all we are all different. Try to concentrate on what you CAN do NOT what you can no longer do otherwise depression can hit you hard. Oh, and get a cat!