How can i geta referral to an orthopaedic consultant for knee replacement

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hello i am new here and am in a bit of a pickle. I have both RA and OA for about 10 years. I had a knee replacement in January its great but about 5 weeks later my other knee completely collapsed. I struggle even with crutches. My follow-up appointment for the surgery in January will not happen. I have asked GP for referral, he says can't do that as clinics are all closed. I cannot manage the pain and gp will only prescribe on average 3 days painkillers. There must be hundreds of people in this situation what are u doing. I live in northern ireland.


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    Hi Mads. This is a difficult situation for you. I think most hospitals just don't seem to be doing outpatients right now. My orthopaedic consultant has left my appointment for 12 months and my rheumatologist just rang to check how I was.

    My husband just got a new hip in before it all kicked off. His follow-up appointment was by phone. Our GP recently told him he'd put him on the list to see a consultant about his other hip which, on x-ray, was always worse than the first but didn't hurt anywhere near as much.

    He's not good with medication. Both opioids and NSAIDS seem to affect his - normally perfect - breathing so he just deals with it by exercise - walking and gardening to keep his muscles strong. I, too, always needed to do more exercises just before getting a new knee or hip.

    You could try getting in touch with youir local PALS who , even if they can't help as such, might be able to fill you in on the situation where you are. Over here (Scottish Borders) the only person I know who has got a new joint during Covid19 is a lady who fell and broke her hip. That would be a very drastic solution which I certainly wouldn't recommend.

    Try the link which ChrisK has given and see how you get on.

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    Thanks for replying sorry to hear about your husband.