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hello i have just signed up to this site. I am 53 years old and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about 13 years ago and osteoarthritis about 10 years ago. I am on humira which has been great but after being off it for a few months at the beginning of the year it is not working so well. Look forward to hearing from others.


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    Mads, I'm not quite sure from your post whether or not you have resumed the humira. If not, it would explain why your knee (I replied to your other post) is so bad and, if you have only recently resumed it, that would too. It might need more time to kick in.

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    Hello there again yes back on humira over 4 months now. I think it just has stopped being as effective which i was told would happen at some point. I have been on it for about 7 years and it was fabulous for ra. My knee has pretty bad osteo arthritis and does not have a knee cap due to a longago accident and has always been weak but mobility was there and pain was limited. Obviously i put too much pressure on it when on recovery from the other knee replacement. Anyway thank you for replyjng to both my posts i thought i was posting to two different forums.