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Hi everyone, hope you've not all melted in this heat!

I have applied for a parking permit at my new place of employment (NHS hospital). Due to it being a huge place, there is a waiting list for permits. I have arthritis in both hips, can get about, but always in some degree of pain. The drive to work is around 50 mins (public transport would take around 2+ hoirs, so is totally out the question).
I know the car parking permits are allocated on several factors, distance to and from work being one of them. Sadly, because I can drive to work in 50 mins, it's not enough of a priority to be near the top of the list.
The application form asks if you have a blue badge. I don't amd haven't ever applied for one. I've not yet had a response to say where about I am on the waiting list, but expect to be around position 2000+! When I do hear from them, I do plan to argue my position based on having a disgnosed condition which affects my hips and therefore my mobility and pain levels particularly after a 50 minute drive (I'm virtually crippled as I get out the car until I've sort of loosened myself up a bit).
If they still reject my appeal based on medical grounds purely on the fact that I don't have a blue badge, would I be reasonable in accusing the parking people of discrimination? Personally, I don't see why someone has got to have a blue badge in order to meet parking permit policies....a disability is a disability irrespective of a blue badge. (also, they don't actually even have disabled parking areas for staff who do have a bkie badge!!)

Thanks for any suggestions 😊


  • Mike1
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    If you had a blue badge it would show whoever issues your parking permits that you have had your need assessed which should make their decision easier in issuing you a permit. I would have thought that the only other way of doing it would be to get a letter of support from your GP or perhaps your Line Manager.

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    I've also worked in several places where there is a shortage of spaces snd a long waiting list for permits. Ive had a Blue Badge for a while now which is what was always required to get a permit on medical grounds.
    They did also have a few additional few spaces for other staff with medical needs, i believe some proof of a condition was needed for these spaces.
    The problem when you have a shortage of parking is that a lot of people (some more genuine than others) will say they have some medical need to jump the queue.
    Without a Blue Badge I ecpect you will need to provide some proof of your diagnosis from your consultant or gp.
    I don't think you could accuse them of discrimination on medical grounds because you don't have a blue badge, to obtain a blue badge, someone will have already been assessed thoroughly as having a need. IF you've provided evidence of your disability and struggles with walking, maybe then you could have a case.
    Maybe in the meantime apply for a Blue Badge which would resolve your parking issues.
    Good luck with your appeal, I hope you get a favorable outcome.
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    Hi there,

    A Blue badge is something I didn't want as it reminded me of where things were at but in the end, I decided to apply thinking I wouldn't get one. I was approved in just over a week from submission and my badge arrived around a week later. I have Psoriatic Arthritis which was diagnosed around a year ago so I am still very much coming to terms with it. I sent a copy of a recent consultants letter which listed the diagnosis and symptoms along with my medications.

    I think it depends on the council issuing the permit and some are better than others but given what you describe in your post, I would definitely apply as it might help with your application at your place of work.

    All the best with it!

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    Hello @MrsTiggywinkle

    I can appreciate the difficult you are experiencing driving to work and then trying to find a suitable parking space. Your employer has a duty of care to provide 'reasonable adjustments' for employees who have a long term condition or disability. This link gives some guidance The three reasonable adjustments requirements | Equality and Human Rights Commission ( You can also request an occupational Health assessment to review your work role and any support you may require - including parking. This may help strengthen your case. If you find it increasingly difficult to drive to work you can apply to Access to work for travel support - either taxis to/from work or a support worker to drive your car. Get support in work if you have a disability or health condition (Access to Work) - GOV.UK (

    AtW can cover the costs of transport over the normal costs you incur. If your condition has deteriorated you may want to consider applying for disability benefits such as PIP, Personal independence payment, you can work and receive this benefit. Personal Independence Payment (PIP): How to claim - GOV.UK ( Finding support with your application from citizens advice or local disability welfare advice services can be helpful. Applying for a disabled parking badge will take account of any benefits you receive and the rate payable, however if you do not receive any you can still make a valid application, you may need an assessment though. Hope this information is of help, my contact details are here if you wish further information. Working Well with Arthritis (