My triumphs

Since my diagnosis in April/May 2019, I have done a few things that are my triumphs.
I left my job to work for a friend in a care home as deputy manager. Within a few months, she left, and I was left to take over. Not at a very good time either! There was an outstanding massive list of things to be actioned, otherwise the local council would be making moves to close the care home down. I stupidly said I'd have all the action points achieved within 8-12 weeks. I worked literally 24/7, with the support of a really great staff. My contract was for 40 hours a week, but I often exceeded more than double this.
The good news was that when the council inspection was done, we achieved every single action point and more, and were signed off with no more visits required other than routine visits.

Literally as soon as this was completed, we had the CQC inspection. Again, I worked day and night to ensure all the areas the CQC would inspect were in place. The last inspection report outcome was that there were 2 out of the 5 areas requiring improvement. Inspection day happened on the day the CQC decided not to do any more physical inspections due to covid19...though the inspectior didn't know until I printed off the email I'd got and showed her it! She completed the inspection that day, amd we waited a few weeks for the results. We achieved good ratings across the 5 key areas - the first time the care home had ever achieved all 5!

So, from joining a failing care home, we managed to achieve the impossible - especially as the owners provided me with zero management training and I'd never had a management position before! almost destroyed me. Mentally and physically. So I sadly made the decision to resign amd return to something less stressful. I have gone back to being a receptionist in a hospital ward. Best thing ever!

I've also trained as, and graduated as a Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner. I'm not able to practice much at the moment, due to not being able to get set up thanks to covid19 amd lockdown etc, but I to be working part time as a Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner by early next year, with a view to eventually (hopefully) become fully self employed.
Additionally, I am nearing the end of a level 2 complimentary therapy course, about to start a level 2 mental health awareness course, and hope to embark on the level 3 aromatherapy diploma before too long.

I like to be busy, but now look at what I'm likely to be able to manage. The theory side of everything is not a problem, though the practical side does need some thought put into it to ensure I don't overdo things..... I'm still thinking that side through! But I aim to combine hypnotherapy and aromatherapy together, for as long as I can. When I can't do the physical aspect, I'll focus again solely on the hypnotherapy.
Those are my triumphs, my aims and my goals 😁


  • Lilymary
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    All I can say is WOW! That’s an amazing list of achievements over a lifetime, never mind in 14 months! There must be so many people who have benefitted from your determination, the care home residents and patients and their families, the staff and visitors, and now those you will help through your therapy. I don't know how you find the energy, but the phrase “to ensure I don’t overdo things” stood out for me like a beacon.

    I’m a shocker for doing too much, and for wading through years and years of unremitting severe stress at work, then pushing myself up mountains and huge trekking holidays and restoring a decrepit house and garden single handedly in my time off. My body eventually paid me back with ME (twice, for 18 months and 3 years respectively) then with OA in my ruined joints. And let’s not talk about what it’s done to my brain chemistry. Lockdown was the first time I’ve properly relaxed in 40 years.

    sorry, I can’t remember your age group, but while I have so much to look back on, and don’t regret the majority of choices I’ve made (which lead to an interesting, unusual and challenging life), and I’m glad I’m still able to do much of the work side of it, I have paid heavily with my health, which has repeatedly frustrated my ambitions. If I could have done one thing differently, I would have been kinder to myself. Remember to make time for yourself. No-one’s expectations of you are worth burning out for them.

  • Constance
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    Well done you two for achieving so much considering the illness we have. I have had arthritis for over 40 years and can't say that it has been an easy journey. I read up on anything to do with arthritis, tried all sorts in my diet but to no avail.

    Over 20 years ago after having an operation on my hand, I got into the shower and felt very sorry for myself and started crying. I decided there an then to do something about it. I got in touch with my GP and asked if there were any arthritis support groups going? (This was in Africa by the way) She told me that she would contact one of her patients to get in touch with me which she did. We were both very inexperience but after a few discussions, phone calls and word of mouth we said that a support group would be held in my home. I borrowed electric kettles and set the dining room table with cups and saucers, plates, napkins etc, cakes and sandwiches.

    We were amazed when about 20 people rocked up with their pies and cakes as well. I had no idea how to lead the meeting but everyone just started talking about their aches and pains and the time just flew by. It became a regular date alternating in each other's homes. When arriving in the UK 16 years ago with my husband I was recommended by the GP to see a Rheumatologist in North Shields. During our chats I mentioned about the support group that I ran and he said that he was teaching the following week and would I like to come along. On agreeing I was the "model" for Newcastle University 3rd year medical students and this I did for a few years. I was then invited with a few others to attend a meeting at the hospital with Rheumatology nurses to form a support group for arthritis sufferers.I was chosen as their treasurer and later on secretary as well.I did this for about 4 - 5 years but had to leave the group when my husband and I moved to Northumberland. Since moving I have attended a conference for people to qualify as consultants and once again a "model". I enjoy reading posts on Online Community, and have been invited to join a Versus Arthritis group online and now I have joined Lets Move with Leon.

    Have a good day.

  • Lilymary
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    That’s fantastic Constance, thanks for being such a star in setting up these groups and raising awareness! Xx

  • Constance
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    My pleasure x