Hip Pain.


Good Morning to everyone. I hope that you are all as well as possible in these strange times.

I would like to ask for your advice on hip pain. I have had RA for 12 years and while it has been recently fairly well controlled by Tocilizumab, I have started to develop really excruciating hip pain. I have had it a few times before but it has come and gone quite quickly. This is now more persistent. It is not not really a 'normal' RA pain, which I have been used to at various levels of severity over the years. This is more like a severe stabbing pain which makes it almost impossible to walk without crying out in pain. If I am very careful, I can then return to a few steps, little by little, but it always feels that it could 'go' at any moment if I move slightly the wrong way. As RA sufferers, I think our pain thresholds have become very high so I know that you will understand me when I see that this is another level of pain.

I would like to know if anybody has experienced anything similar...or if anybody can offer me any advice. I also really hope that the Tocilizumab isn't stopping being as effective as it used to be.

Thank you very much.