Is chest pain linked to psoriatic arthritis?


Whenever I get a new symptom I never know if it's linked to my psoriatic arthritis or another delightful medical problem entirely. Anyway,for the last 6- 8 weeks I've been having intermittent chest pain,a heaviness and painful to take a deep breath. I thought at first it was maybe anxiety as I have been quite stressed lately,although I have been doing qi gong dvd's which help me feel calmer and this pain doesn't always come when I feel anxious.

At work today I have been been working in a really warm area sampling and was ok before lunch but when I went to get the rest of the samples after lunch it came back and I had to abandon that area of work for today.

Once I'm back at my desk and cooler it passes.

Sorry for the long post,just trying to give some detail and wondering is it inflammation? Has anyone else had this?

If not i'll contact my GP,but I must admit I don't like to bother them unless I really have to.

Thank you.


  • Airwave!
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    Hhmmmm, GP first, it it carries on or becomes more serious then its a visit to casualty, just to rule out the worst case scenario.

    Time for medical advice.

  • Mike1
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    Firstly get to your GP as a matter of urgency. Secondly that is by no means a long post, some people must wear the ends of their fingers down 😁