Hello Everyone

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Hi all,

I am still finding out about Psoriatic Arthritis. I was diagnosed about this time last year but it took over 6 months to get the diagnosis. My GP initially thought it was tennis elbow as I was getting a lot of pain in my elbows and down my arms. I asked why I was also getting pain in knees and hips and the trip down the diagnosis rabbit hole began! During the diagnosis process, I was given diagnoses of Fibromyalgia, Herniated disc, and even Parkinsons. Finally, Psoriatic Arthritis was diagnosed and the journey really began. So far I am only on Methotrexate and pain relief but as we've moved house, I will be seeing a different Rheumatology team soon so hopefully they can help. So far things have been gradually getting worse although the fatigue is under better control.

Its great that there is this online community to discuss things as its very difficult to describe this to anyone other than a fellow sufferer.

All the best to all.