Fibro fog


so I’m still in the referral and testing stage with the NHS so a long way off an actual diagnosis!

I’ve obviously done my research etc but can real ppl actually tell me what the fogs feel like please? Is it on and off all day? Do you just have a bad day and then normal days?


  • jaminhealth

    I was told I have Fibro back in 1999 when I was desparetly trying to thyroid "fixed"....I believed my issue was sluggish thyroid but could not get doctors to help me....finally my D.O. "fixed" my thyroid and that was in 2002. So I believe there is a strong connection between Fibro and HypoT.....get a GOOD checkup by GOOD MD....

    On the Fog, I've never had it and truly believe 25 yrs of taking Grape Seed Extract kept me fogless.....Again you can do research on this one.

  • frogmorton
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    I'm not sure about fibro-fog I don't have fibro myself, but my Aunt who has fibro fog seems to have it a lot to be honest although if she is extra tired it definitely seems to come on or get worse.

    Don't know if this helps? Mind if you've done your research you probably already read it!

    I hope they hurry up and diagnose you

    Take care