Rule Britannia, forever!

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It’s hard to believe a Finnish conductor in cahoots with the BBC refuse to play our traditional music and allow them to be sung to. The songs reflect a time of war against Napoleon and how we will win the war. Now we sing it out of pure pleasure and enjoy the words, they have become a pillar to our social life and are part and parcel of the proms which we listen to every year. We are proud of our heritage and place of birth and whilst some historical events may have been of their time they came to reinforce our country in the many times of need, including the music and words to them. Most first world countries have been a colonial power in their times, do they all stop singing their national songs?

How wrong and out of step with the Britain that is 2020 can these minor voices in our country be, when allowed on the media? If the BBC don’t change their minds then I for one will use my power with the on/off switch and find another channel or radio station to listen to.

it’s a grin, honest!