Osteoarthritis in right knee

Spoke to my doctors surgery today and been referred to the Clinical Assessment and Treatment Services (CATS). They received the referral 7 days ago.

Just wondering how long I should have to wait to hear from them. Had x-ray done which didn't show up anything. But I did have surgery done on it back in 2014 where I had some bone removed some cartalidge removed and cleaned out. Been applying ice packs resting and now taking Tramadol as I can't put that much weight on my leg and it keeps locking up.


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    Hi @Steve065

    Welcome to the forum, you say that you have been referred to CATS and are now waiting for the reply.

    you also had surgery in 2014 where you had some bone and cartilage taken out by cleaning the space https://www.versusarthritis.org/policy/our-policy-positions/waiting-times-for-surgery/

    Hope this link helps, meanwhile take a look round our forums,the most popular being Living with arthritis,Chit Chat, and Vals Café.

    Please let us know how you get on



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