Cimzia during pregnancy

Good afternoon, I wondered if I could get peoples past experiences and advice. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and was previously on Benipali until my body (very recently) rejected it. I have now been prescribed Cimzia. Have any of you lovely ladies been on this medication during pregnancy or do you know of people that have been? I've been battling RA since 2016. I've tried methotrexate, leflunomide, sulfasalazine etc but unfortunately none of it has worked or it's had really horrid side effects. Fingers crossed Zimzia is the drug for me 🤞


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    Hi @Sophie, welcome to the forum!

    You're pregnant and you're medication has recently changed, so you're worried about side effects on your pregnancy.

    I've had a look around and found some information on Cimzia during pregnancy which I hope will help your worries:

    Here's some more information on pregnancy and arthritis in general.

    Some of the other members of the community may well have personal experience. The community is a very friendly and supportive place, and I hope you'll stick around and join in more conversations.

    It's lovely to meet you.


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    I hope it works for you. I think prescribing biologics during pregnancy is a very recent thing. I know one or two on here were on prednisolone (with good outcomes) and, back in the dark ages, when I had my sons, it was only soluble aspirin which was considered safe. You can imagine the delights of pregnancy on that! I think your rheumatologist is the one best placed to advise though you could try looking up NICE and see if they have any guidelines.

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